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The world as we know doesn’t exist anymore. In 2023, only a hundred people survived the Virus. Dive into a unique fantasy world: an underground city called Renaissance. A thousand years after the catastrophe a new kind of civilization has developed and grown into five different tribes, their social organisation based on different forms of ART... Meet Peter, Owa and the community to join us for an extraordinary Celebration where luminous crystals, creatures, drums, dances, games, delicious food and surprising cocktails will delight your mind.


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Vol. 1

In the beginning, there was Earth and there was Sky: they were in love, so close but so far. In order to connect their subtle energies, they created a special being with a sharp conscience: thus was born Man. For a time they lived in complete harmony, but Man soon broke his promise and started to poison Earth’s resources. Century after century, Earth fell seriously ill. Sky was angry and decided to take all they had given to Man away.

17th June 2023: a virus spreads all over the world and causes the death of almost all humanity. In London, however, a group of a hundred survivors, lead by a speleologist called Jacques Bodoin and an ethnologist called Otaka Tiki, find a way through a forgotten room from the 19th century, under the underground station Bank.

Deep under Earth’s surface, they uncover a prophecy that announces Life has given a second chance to humankind. Guided by Silina - the only child conceived on the outside and born underground - now, they will have to work on the improvement of their consciousness, to avoid making the same mistakes all over again.

The story starts a thousand years after the virus, in the underground city that the survivors named Renaissance. This new community expresses itself and develops thanks to an educational system based on five tribes’ philosophy. Dance, drums, words and symbols have become the pillars of their social organization.  

For several years, however, the crystals lighting up their city are dying down one by one, thus threatening again mankind’s survival. Peter and Ôwa, two young inhabitants of Renaissance, leave their cave in search of adventure without realizing that their quest will lead them to discover their people’s origins.

The Five Tribes - Human Memory is the first of three futuristic tales taking place in a unique fantasy world and tackling a few of our current society’s matters: how to (re)think the way we live together; how to put education and social values first; how to use arts as a way of improving our consciousness?

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About us

The Five Tribes Experience has been conceived by a team of people from different countries.

Sharing, understanding, freedom, harmony with nature and oneself are some of the teachings of The Five Tribes. For the sake of coherence, our team has built the project following this same philosophy : getting inspired and learning from each other and from people of all walks of life.  

Our dream is to build a story fueled by all of the community and we welcome anyone who wishes to do so to keep adding facts to the story and to the world of the Five Tribes.


 On stage


Aurélie Hurtado

Aurélie Hurtado was born in Southern France and currently lives in London. She is an artist who works with plants in a both creative and scientific way for she has a great knowledge of Nature. On stage she sings, plays the electronic harp - designed by Emmanuel - and embodies the character of Owa. 


Emmanuel Exbrayat

Emmanuel Exbrayat is the man behind The Five Tribes Experience. His job and passion is to create innovative projects that merge eastern philosophies, new technologies and educational methods. He was born in France and currently lives in London, where he composes electronic music influenced by the 80’s. On stage, he embodies the character of Peter. He sings and plays several music instruments - some of which he created especially for the show. 





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THE five tribes experience

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